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Fischer Connectos

Fischer: General Catalog (EN)

Over 30,000 references covering a multitude of applications.

Fischer: Medical Catalog (EN)

Disposable or durable, reliable connectors are here.

Fischer: Rugged Flash Drive Brochure (EN)

Safe storage of sensitive data in harsh environments.

Fischer: Ultimate Series (EN)

Rugged, compact and lightweight.

Fischer: MiniMax Series (EN)

High density, signal, power and miniaturization.

Fischer: Security Solutions (EN)

Monitoring and safety circular connectors.

Fischer: Defense & Security Solutions (EN)

Proven, reliable connectors and cable assemblies.

Fischer: Security Solutions (EN)

Monitoring and safety circular connectors.

Fischer: Freedom Series Technical Specifications (EN)

Mating freedom & optimized cable management.

Fischer: Freedom Series Flyer (EN)

Breakthrough plug and use connectivity solutions.

Fischer: Core Series Technical Specifications (EN)

Professional broadcasters and producers demand high performance, reliable equipment.

Fischer: FiberOptic Series Technical Specs (EN)

The Fischer FiberOptic Series offers the best quality and stability needed for an optical link, combined with easy mating and easy field cleaning.

Fischer: FiberOptic Flyer (EN)

Fischer Connectors introduces a new single fiber optic connector (F01).


Rosenberger: FAKRA Connectors Catalog (EN)

Cable connectors, PCB connectors and accessories.

Rosenberger: Communication Products Catalog (EN)

RF coaxial connectors, adaptors and accessories.

Rosenberger: Medical and Industries Catalog (EN)

Innovative solutions for medical, industrial and consumer markets.

Rosenberger: Test & Measurement Competence Brochure (EN)

Development and Manufacture of Measurement Components.

Rosenberger: Test & Measurement Compact Calibration Kits (EN)

Rosenberger provides a wide range of compact calibration kits.

Rosenberger: 75 Ohm Calibration Kit (EN)

The high performance 75 Ohm calibration kit from Rosenberger is designed for applications up to 12 GHz.

Rosenberger: Test, Measurement & Calibration (EN/DE)

Rosenberger offers a comprehensive range of products for test, measurement and calibration.

Rosenberger: PIM Site Analyzer Alpha (EN)

The world’s first multi-function CPRI and RF PIM site analyzer, for multi-function on-site tests and measurements of active and passive elements.

Rosenberger: Aerospace Products (EN)

DIN EN 9100, ESCC and MIL-PRF 39012 qualified components.

Rosenberger: HSD Connectors (EN)

High speed data connectors.

Rosenberger: RoPD Connectors (EN)

Magnetic connecting system – power and data transmission for LEV.

Rosenberger: MagCode Flyer (EN)

PowerSystem & MultiSystem.

Rosenberger: 4 Pin Data Cable Assemblies Flyer (EN)

4 pin data cable assemblies with EMC protected and waterproof data connectors.

Rosenberger: RoDI – Diagnostic Interface Products Flyer (EN)

The new developed RoDI connectors are recommended for building services, industrial control and bus systems.

Rosenberger: MTD Connector Systems (EN)

Modular twisted-pair data connectors for ethernet applications.

Rosenberger: OSI General Catalog (EN)

Get 200 pages of cabling competence.

Carlisle IT

CarlisleIT: Microwave & RF Cable EN)

Semi-rigid, hand-formable and flexible microwave cable.

CarlisleIT: UTiFLEX Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies (EN)

UTiFLEX is a complete line of high performance flexible microwave cables.


3M: Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Splices QS-III (EN)

The QS-III splice features a silicone rubber body which provides excellent electrical properties and superior low temperature handling.


FIMO: Wall Entries Catalog (EN/DE)

Wall entries, waterproof and fire resistant, for coaxial cables, waveguides, optical fibers, power cables and any type of pipes.

FIMO: Grounding Kits Catalog (EN/DE)

Grounding kits offer multiple solutions for the earthing of coaxial cables, hybrid cables and elliptical and rectangular waveguides.

FIMO: Radiating Cable Fixings Catalog (EN/DE)

Radiating cable clamps offer a wide range of solutions for a fast and secure installation of cables.

FIMO: Accessories for Installation Catalog (EN/DE)

Accessories for installation are the completion of the range of products offered for fastening, grounding and sealing cables and pipes.

FIMO: Cable Clamps & Fastening Devices Catalog (EN/DE)

Cable clamps for coaxial, fiber optic and power cables.

Kitting Telecom: Product Catalog (FR)

Over 30,000 references covering a multitude of applications.


Abiko: Product Catalog (EN)

Pre-insulated terminals, end sleeves, crimping, cutting and stripping tools.


Elpress: Product Catalog (DK)

Main product catalog from Elpress.


GTC catalogue (2016) (EN)

Main product catalog from GTC.

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