Cookie Policy

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible around the information we collect when you visit our website, we want you to know what we use it for and why.

This Cookie Policy applies to website, all products and services offered by RODAN Technologies.


When you visit our website, information about you is collected.

RODAN Technologies collects your information in two ways:

  • Using cookies, Non-personal identification information
  • Voluntary submitted information, Personal identification information. See our Privacy Policy


What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file sent from our web server and stored by your browser. They allow websites to store preferences. There are two kinds of cookies:

  • Persistent/stored cookies
  • Session cookies

Session cookies disappear when you close your browser and are not saved, while persistent cookies are stored on your computer.

Cookies provides non-personal identification information about the browser name, the computer type, operating system and other information. They are anonymous and cannot be traced to named users.

What do we use cookies for?

We only use information from cookies for analytics data, via Google Analytics and Leadfeeder, that helps us to make analysis about the visitors of our site, site usage and marketing campaigns.

Google analytics provides the data used by Leadfeeder to identify which company our website visitors are coming from and which pages they visited.

Read more about Google Analytics security and privacy principles.

Leadfeeder cookie policy:

A visit to our website, in all languages, generates different types of cookies, they can be categorized as follows:

Strictly Necessary cookies
Strictly necessary cookies enable you to move around in our website and use its features.

Cookie Name Cookie Description Expire Asssociated with 
_icl_current_languageStores the current language.24 HoursWPML
_icl_current_admin_language_{hash}Stores the current admin language.24 HoursWPML
_icl_visitor_lang_js Stores the redirected language.24 HoursWPML
wpml_browser_redirect_test Test if cookies are enabled24 HoursWPML
wpml_referer_url Stores the last requested URL on the front-end.24 HoursWPML
wpml_admin_referer_url Stores the last requested URL on the back-end.

24 Hours


PHPSESSID Preserves user session state across page requests.

24 Hours


viewed_cookie_policy Records that users have accept that the website uses cookies.365 DaysCookie Law Info
wp-settings-2 WordPress also sets a few wp-settings-[UID] cookies.
The number on the end is your individual user ID from the user´s database table.
This is used to customize your view of admin interface, and possibly also the main site interface.
1 YearWordPress
wfwaf-authcookie- Used to authenticate user’s login request.24 HoursWordfence
wfvt_ Used to track a user for the duration of their visit so that “Wordfence” can group their page views together.24 HoursWordfence
wordfence_verifiedHuman Determine if someone is a human or bot, identify repeat visitors and display this in the Live Traffic feed.24 HoursWordfence

Performance cookies. 
Performance cookies collect information on how you interact in our website, including what pages you visit the most, as well as other analytical data. These details are only used to improve how our website functions.

Cookie NameCookie DescriptionExpireAssociated with
__utmzIdentifies where visitors came from when arriving on the site.6 months from set/updateGoogle Analytics
__utmvCreates custom visitor-level variables for customizing what can be measured.2 YearsGoogle Analytics
__utmtUsed to throttle request rate.10 minutesGoogle Analytics
__utmcIdentifies new sessions/visits for returning visitors.SessionGoogle Analytics
__utmbDetermines new sessions and visits.30 minsGoogle Analytics
__utmaDistinguishes between users and sessions.2 YearsGoogle Analytics
_gaDistinguishes users.2 yearsGoogle Analytics
_gidDistinguishes users.24 hoursGoogle Analytics
_gatUsed to throttle request rate.1 minuteGoogle Analytics
_lfaSets a unique identifier to separate different visitors2 YearsLeadfeeder
__distilleryThis cookie is used by our video player to remember where you are in a video so that if playback is24
wordpress_WordPress cookie for a logged in user.SessionWordPress
wordpress_logged_in_WordPress cookie for a logged in user.SessionWordPress
wordpress_test_WordPress cookie for a logged in user.SessionWordPress
wordpress_sec_WordPress cookie for a logged in user for SSL sessions only.SessionWordPress
wordpress_test_cookieUsed to check if the user’s browser supports cookies.SessionWordPress
wp-settings-time-2WordPress Test Cookie1 YearWordPress
woocommerce_cart_hash:Contains information about the request list as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the list data changes.SessionWoocommerce
woocommerce_items_in_cart:Contains information about the request list as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the list data changes.SessionWoocommerce
wp_woocommerce_session_Contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the list data in the database for each customer.SessionWoocommerce
JCS_INENREFUsed for antispam functions.SessionAnti Spam
JCS_INENTIMUsed for antispam functions.SessionAnti Spam
NCS_INENTIMUsed for antispam functions.SessionAnti Spam

Unclassified cookies

Name Purpose Expiry 
wpss_h_ UnclassifiedSession
wpss_p_ UnclassifiedSession
mcwidget UnclassifiedPersistent
SJECT1803 UnclassifiedSession
muxData Unclassified20 Years
Spu_box_20206 Unclassified
Spu_box_20206 Unclassified

How long do we restore cookies?
Persistent cookies will be stored on your device, for a varying number of months from your last visit to our website. Each time you revisit our site, the period is extended.

Sessions cookies are automatically deleted after their expiration time or when you close your browser.

Above you can see our complete list of cookies that includes their name, expire date and purpose. Read below how to delete cookies.

How do you delete cookies?
You can choose not to accept cookies, by setting the browser to automatically deny the storage of cookies or get a notification every time a website asks to be allowed to store cookies.

You can also use the browser to delete previously stored cookies or delete cookies manually from their hard disk. General information about disabling cookies.

We recommend enabling the cookies in order to take the full advantages of our website.

Opdated 07.05 2021 / Po. 08 Version: 2.0


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