Wind Turbine Cables

Wind Turbine Cables


RODAN has specialized in custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses and in addition to our own in-house production, we have production sites in Lithuania and Hungary.

We manufacture custom made cables for Wind Turbine Control sensor – worldwide.

Our decades of expertise in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and value added processes, coupled with experienced and dedicated people, allows us to be your one-stop source.

We are preffered supplier for FT Technologies wind sensors.




The FT logo and FT waves are the registered trademark of FT Technologies Ltd and are used with their permission.


We work hard to live up to our motto:
Manufacturing Relationship, Distributing Quality

Overmolded Solutions

Our overmolding technologies offers superior strain relief and is designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments.

An overview of the benefits

  • Rated UL94 V-0
  • Material in Elastollan TPU
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Very good low-temperature flexibility
  • High resistance to oils, greases, oxygen and ozone

Read more about overmolded solutions on RODAN official website.

Wind Turbine Cables


You specify, We produce




Interface5 pin
Connector typeFischer SS104Z053-130
Protection classIP66*
Cable typeLi12YC11Y
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Interface8 pin
Connector typeFischer SS104Z129
Protection classIP66*
Cable typeLi12YC11Y
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The Cables comply to the RoHS Directive
*IP68 available on request

Wind Turbine Cables

Connector Sealing Kits

The 3M PST B Series provide the correct Cold Shrink tube to make the installation of coax and low voltage
connectors seals easy.

The installation does not require tooling, and the
quality of the installation is less installer dependant.

  • The outer Cold Shrink tube is made from special Silicone rubber material to provide an excellent seal and electrical insulation on the connector.
  • The connector area is covered by silicone tube to provide mechanical and electrical protection during handling of the prepared cables and exercize.
  • The kits passed the 100 kPa water pressure sealing test and met IEC 529 IP x8.

Wind Turbine Cables

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