Our suppliers are an integral part of our supply chain strategy, and we continue to seek high-performing suppliers that can strengthen our supply chains and whose objectives are compatible with ours.

Rodan Procurement

Specifically, we are looking for a commitment to deliver products and services with high quality at competitive prices worldwide.

We value those suppliers who can contribute new ideas through innovative technology or creative business solutions, and whose who continuously improve their performance and thereby their costs as well as ours.

Purchasing policy

Together with our suppliers and motivated employees, RODAN Technologies can meet the demands of the market. We need reliable partners and first-class materials in order for our high-quality products to maintain their worth in the long-term. For this reason, a long-term partnership with our suppliers is essential.


Our suppliers are fully responsible for the quality of their products. They must ensure that all products, supplied to RODAN Technologies, meet all applicable purchase specifications.

It is the responsibility of our suppliers to establish procedures and programs that document their quality practices. RODAN Technologies will review the supplier’s management systems and their implementation and operation as appropriate.


Our philosophy is to demand very high standards from ourselves as well as from our partners – this is the principle which defines our co-operation activities with our suppliers. We have a very ambitious, success-oriented and target-oriented business philosophy, and we demand the same high standards from our partners.

Our general purchasing conditions and corporate standards are part of every purchase agreement.


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