Together we can beat cancer

RODAN Technologies continues its contribution to the Danish Cancer Society

RODAN Technologies has for many years supported the fight against cancer and will proudly continue its contribution again this year.

The week 43 is the Crack Cancer fundraising week and it will culminate at the evening of Saturday 29th of October when TV2 will have a live broadast from big fundrasing show at the Royal Danish Theatre.

This is the 11th year the Crack Cancer fundraising takes off and over the years there are 410 projects that have this fundraising to thank. Every year the Danish Cancer Society prioritizes a list of relevent fields that will get support from Crack Cancer fundraising.

This year, we stand together and support the:

  • The Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Cancer Research
  • Development of support for patients and their family members
  • Early cancer detection
  • Better quality of cancer patient care

See the full list and get more information here