RPC-2.92 Adaptors, Cable Assemblies and Compact Calibration Kits now applicable up to 43.5 GHz

Rosenberger has developed a number of RPC-2.92 precision adaptors, microwave cable assemblies and compact calibration kits for applications up to 43.5 GHz. These products are designed for test & measurement applications in future 5G networks where a frequency range up to 43.5 GHz is required.  

The updated 43.5 GHz portfolio covers in-series adaptors, adaptors RPC.2-92 to RPC-1.85 and RPC-2.92 to RPC-2.40, test port adaptors, standard cable assemblies with RTK 125 cable or RTK 092-70 cable as well as MSO (3-in-1) and MSOT (4-in-1) compact calibration kits

Rodan Rosenberger RPC-2.92 Adaptors Cable Assemblies and Compact Calibration Kits

Product details of the RPC-2.92 precision adaptor

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