NEX10® Multi Coax – Providing 4 or 5 NEX10® Interfaces

As a leading global manufacturer of RF products, Rosenberger is an active partner in a development group tasked with providing innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry.

The NEX10® connector system is designed to meet the existing and future demands of small cell and upcoming 5G networks. The NEX10® interface offers very low PIM performance in a robust design and compact size.

The increasing number of jumper connections per site has resulted in the need for a Multi Coax connector. The NEX10® Multi Coax connector provides 4 or 5 NEX10® interfaces within one connector on the same form factor as a 7-16 connector. For very narrow applications, a pushpull version is available.

NEX10® Multi Coax Features & BenefitsNEX10 Multi Coax

  • Reduced installation time
  • Same outstanding electrical performance as 4 or 5 single NEX10®
  • Smaller form factor as single connectors
  • Foolproof – no swapped links