NEX10: Miniature Low PIM RF coax connector system for small cells

Leading connector suppliers HUBER+SUHNER, RADIALL and ROSENBERGER are jointly developing a new RF coax connector system for small cell applications.

As the telecommunications industry moves towards smaller equipment and small cell approach, the radios and antennas become smaller and ask for a small sized high performing coaxial RF connector. The highlight of the NEX10 connector system is its robustness, PIM stability and flexibility of different coupling mechanisms (torque/screw and push-pull). The minimum flange height is 12.7mm.

The NEX10 connector operates till 20 GHz with excellent return loss, and offers PIM stability independent of torque and vibration even with the push-pull mechanism. The interface has a robust design to eliminate any damages during installation or operator errors and optimized for cable sizes of up to ¼” corrugated cables. The weather protection boot, which is part of the interface, makes it optimum for outdoor use under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the possibility to have multiple coupling mechanisms (push-pull and screw) allow full flexibility in installation.

By joining the expertise of three leading RF connector manufacturers in the telecommunications industry, the target has been to develop a small coaxial connector system which will meet existing and future demands of small cell networks for 4G and upcoming 5G networks.

The new NEX10 interface will be officially launched at Electronica (Germany) in November 2016 and will be ready for volume production in 2017.


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