DTPMK Plastic D-Sub Backshell

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Technical Specification


Material and finishABS plastic with Ni-plated surface
Temp. range-40° C – 110° C
Cable strain reliefStrain relief inserts in 4 sizes: 4 – 9 mm
Cable diameter3.0 – 13.0 mm
Locking screwsLong jackscrews with moulded top
Mounting torques assembly screws40 – 50 Ncm
Mounting torque locking screws50 Ncm
Attenuation factor> 40 dB between 30 MHz and 1 GHz
Sizes available9, 15, 25 and 37-way
Package1 Piece


  • Available in sizes 9, 15, 25 and 37
  • Minimise interference from electromagnetic and RF sources
  • Non-static parts avoid ESD problems
  • Approved according VDE 0871, FCC 20780 and 89/336/EU
  • Accept round foil and braided cable types
  • Printed logotype available upon request
  • Long jackscrews with UNC 4-40 thread as standard, M2.5, M2.6 or M3.0 as option
  • For custom designed solutions, please consult factory