GTC Power M25 30A 3P Field Installable Panel Male Screw-in Push Lock


Current Rating: 30A
Temperature Range: -40° / +105°
IP Rating: IP 67

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ContactsCopper Alloy, Au Plating
Hex Nut / Gland Nut / ClampPA66
Gasket / O-RingSilicone
Machine ScrewS15C
TerminalBeryllium Copper, Sn Plating
Technical Data
Visual and Dimensional InspectionMust meet or exceed the requirements specified by the most current version of the Power Specification.
Insulation ResistanceDC500V±10%‚ test for 1 minute and the insulation resistance should be more than 100MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage2500 V DC/AC peak, contact-to-contact, for 1 minute.
Contact Resistance10mΩ at 10mA Max.
Durability200 cycles insertion/extraction cycles at a maximum rate of 500cycles per hour.
Cable Pull-OutAfter the application of a steady state axial load of 45 N for one minute.
Machine Screw ForceInsert stripped wire into screw-in pin, tighten. [2.0 Nm]min.
Physical ShockNo discontinuities of 1 μs or longer duration when mated Power connectors are subjected to 11 ms duration 30 Gs half-sine shock pulses. Three shocks in each direction applied along three mutually perpendicular planes for a total of 18 shocks.
Random VibrationThe electrical load conditions shall be 100mA maximum for all contacts.
Frequency: 50 to 2000 Hz
PDS: 0.04 g? /Hz.
Duration: 1 Hour/Axis, 3 Axes Total.
g’s: 7.56 g rms
Thermal Shock5 cycles at -40° / +105°,after the test, the function and appearance can’t be impacted.
Humidity Life96 hours minimum (seven step cycles).
Salt SprayThe test liquid (Nacl) thickness is 5%, Compressing the air pressure is 0.083Mpa, Spraying amount is 1~2 ml/80cm/h, Temperature of the pressure barrel is 43°, LAB temperature is 35°, relative humidity of LAB is 95%~98%, test time is 48 hours, after the test, check if there is rusty and oxidized phenomenon.
Waterproof TestSubmersion in water 1 meter for 30 minutes.
Temperature Life85° for 48Hours Method A, Mated
Cycling Humidity4 cycles at 25° / +85° 95% RH (1 cycles/day)
UV Exposure24 H equal 1 year
8 h UV at 70 (±3) ° Black Panel Temperature
4 h Condensation at 50 (±3) ° Black Panel Temperature