PIM Test Solutions for all Applications – Rack, Desktop and PIM Site Analyzer alpha

New catalog for PIM Test Solutions: Rack, Desktop and Site Analyzer for multi-function on-site tests and measurements of active and passive elements – whether outdoor or indoor systems.

Site testing:
The portable and multifunctional broadband PIM Site Analyzer alpha provides the best alternative of performing the most precise and efficient PIM tests on site. The new analyzer features PIM detection over CPRI and offers exchangeable filter units.

Production testing:
Rosenberger Rack Analyzers are designed to make PIM tests in production or test lab environments exceptionally modular, precise, and efficient. The Multiport Analyzer can help to significantly reduce PIM test time in production lines. Due to the multiport capabilities, up to 4 (optionally: 8) ports in same frequency can be tested sequentially.

R&D or test lab testing:
Rosenberger offers desktop analyzers as basic or mulitfunction line, they are portable, flexible and budget friendly for research & development and test labs.

PIM test solutions

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