New features for the MIL & GSA-compliant Fischer Freedom™ connectivity solution

To keep fulfilling customer needs in defense applications, the plug & use 7-pin Fischer LP360™ connector – the first product in the Fischer Freedom™ Series – has new features:

  • New wiring configurations – 3x AWG24 + 2x AWG26 + 1x2x AWG28 – compatible with 3x 5A and USB 2.0 requirements for the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA)
  • Extended cable offer with operational camouflage TAN499 color (in addition to black)
  • IP68 protective caps.

Fischer Freedom Series

Thoroughly qualified and severely tested according to MIL standards and GSA specs, the double-award winning Fischer LP360™ connector is low profile, ultra-rugged (10,000 mating cycles) and IP68 sealed to -20m/24h.

Thanks to three patent-pending innovations, the plug & use Fischer Freedom™ Series is a game changer in connectivity and sets new standards in usability, integrability and versatility. It opens up new design engineering dimensions in applications that meet, among others, SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements and address the trend to integrate more wearable technology into military gear through:

Fischer Freedom Series
  • Optimized cable management – thanks to 360° mating, shorter cables always go in a straight line, so no more twists and turns! OR
  • Cable-free connectivity solutions with direct panel plug integration into the housing of devices such as a camera, sensor, light, or GPS