Gitte Pless – 25 Years anniversary

Silver celebrations as Gitte Pless mark 25-year career.

Today one of our esteemed employees reach a significant milestone of 25 Years continuous service at RODAN Technologies.

Clearly, reaching this milestone is a very special occasion… also for the company, as Gitte is the first employee, besides the group of owners, who can celebrate 25 Years anniversary in the Company.

It’s a significant achievement to work for the same Company for 25 years, particularly these days, so I congratulate and thank Gitte on her outstanding and lengthy service.
Svend Jørgensen, Chairman & Co-founder

As a skilled Assembly Worker, Gitte has been a vital part of our production of customized cable assemblies and we congratulate Gitte for her 25 years of hard work and dedication and may her career at RODAN Technologies continue for many years to come.
Henrik Jørgensen, Operations Manager

We welcome Gitte in the exclusive 25 Year Club.