Miniature high-speed data: Fischer MiniMaxTM Series with AWG24 Ethernet and 20m/24h IP68 sealing

Fischer Connectors continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation in miniaturizationhigh-speed data transmissionwearability and sealing.

Several new extensions to the ultra-dense Fischer MiniMax™ Series, increasing its usability in many applications, are available as of April 2018:

  • High-speed AWG24 Ethernet data transfer
  • Enhanced IP68 sealing down to 20m/24h
  • Hexagonal body style
  • Anthracite coating with <5mΩ panel grounding

The result of these innovations is exceptional performance in a very small connector, addressing the growing need for higher data transmission in such markets as medical, unmanned vehicles, industrial, instrumentation, and defense .

A second product extension improves data storage. The popular Fischer Rugged Flash Drive – an extremely tough memory stick specially designed for safe storage and transportation of sensitive data in harsh environments – has been further adapted to the MiniMax USB 3.0 connector interface with nine poles in optimized positions.

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