Svend Jørgensen 70th birthday

February 21, 2017, our Chairman, co-owner and former CEO of RODAN Technologies celebrates his 70th birthday.

It was not quite the idea that Svend Jørgensen, originally educated banker, should have a long career within the electronic industry. However, the interest in electronics and HF technique, was already building up in his young years as a shortwave radio amateur, so when all comes to all, the changed not that difficult.

 In 1984 he founded Rosenberger Danmark (ed. Now RODAN Technologies) together with his partner Allan Skjoldager. Until February 2010, he held the position as CEO, and was responsible for the company’s administrative functions, after which “the baton” was handed over to his son Peter. In January 2014, he officially retired from the Executive Board, to devote himself as board member within the group.

I enjoy being able to follow the company’s development from a distance and not at least see how we are constantly adaptable, in line with new market trends.
Svend Jørgensen, Chairman

His spare time is spent in the apartment at the Løkken or in Nice, as well as the United States where his daughter and her family reside. The day is celebrated in private.