Supplier Management

We aim for long-term partnership with our suppliers.

Rodan Procurement


Together with our suppliers we want to achieve superior performance in terms of quality, logistics, cooperation and innovation.

We want the best solutions for our customers in every part of our value chain. It is our goal to maintain high efficiency, ensure supply reliability and apply our values to our value chain including our suppliers, and we therefore challenge our existing and new suppliers to join us in constant innovation.




We strongly believe that we can only succeed if our suppliers, who play a vital role in our supply chain, make commitment to our expectations. For this purpose, our most important suppliers are carefully evaluated.Suppliers are regularly evaluated through a scorecard, where quality performance weighs significantly.The Supplier Evaluation process measures the performance and efficiency of our suppliers using the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
  • Risk

The evaluation is performed by our Procurement team. Individual results are aggregated into the overall result for each supplier.

Supplier Classification

  • Preferred supplier: 90% to 100%
  • Approved supplier: 70% to 89.9%
  • Restricted supplier: <70%

Through this evaluation process, our desire is to provide active support for suppliers and to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses to enable them to develop further. In this way, we seek to optimize our cooperation with you.

We will inform each supplier on the result of the rating. In case of a negative performance curve, we will agree on concrete measures.


As a supplier to RODAN, you are required to adhere to the RBA Code of Conduct. The RBA Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain.

The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labor Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO and SA standards and many more.


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