How to become a supplier

At RODAN Technologies, we expect the same level of commitment and conduct from our suppliers that we expect from our employees.

Rodan Procurement

We at RODAN Technologies are committed to the principles defined in the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (RBA), which provides principles and guidance for Labor, Health and Safety, Environment, Management System and Ethics. We expect from our suppliers to do the same.

We look forward to engage with suppliers that are aligned with us on these important topics.

Our expectations 

To become an approved supplier, we consider the following characteristics as part of our selection process:

  • Cost-competitive culture
  • Financially stable
  • Location
  • Certifications
  • Innovation and responsiveness
  • Provides on-time, defect-free products and services

Companies interested in cooperating with RODAN Technologies are invited to fill in our online questionnaire form. We will contact you if we have a need for the products or services you provide.



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