RT-LPDA Wideband Antenna

Boost your speed with RODAN Technologies RT-LPDA Wideband Antenna.

RODAN Technologies presents a new Wideband Antenna, RT-LPDA 6902700. With extreme coverage, in the full frequency band, the Log Periodic RT-LPDA 6902700 wideband antenna has a unique rugged design, for a perfect protection in the worst weather conditions, to ensures you never lose signal, and its long lifetime benefits gives you low maintenance cost.

Designed for the use in multiple frequency communication systems –  3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, GSMR, & WLAN. RODAN´s RT-LPDA Wideband Antenna, is in the frequency range of 690 – 2.700MHz.

Pro Fix, an extra solid mounting makes RT-LPDA Wideband Antenna very easy to install. Made from Stainless- or Galvanize steel, all included.

Technical FEATURES.

  • Wideband 690 – 2.700 MHZ
  • Designed for 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, GSMR, & WLAN
  • Long Lifetime / Low maintenance Cost
  • N-connector Interface with white bronze surface
  • Made from Stainless- or Galvanized steel
  • Radome in Bomberplast, UV Resistant ABS
  • Easy to install
  • Everything included



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