Flex Circuits and Flexible flat cable solutions

For a medium or high volume production in the field for space saving applications – a flexible circuit (FPC) or a flexible flat cable (FFC) is always unique solution, because of its lightweight and the ability to adapt to the electrical and physical environment.

Flexible circuits and Flexible Flat cables offers many advantages over conventional systems where space, weight and cost are at a premium. They are dependable in high vibration, controlled impedance and dynamic flexing applications.


  • We develop the FPC/FFC together with you.
  • High flexibility
  • High resistance to bending and vibration.
  • Space saving
  • Fast and secure installation
  • Unique combination of terminations styles

We work closely with our customers to maintain a focus on product excellence and manufacturability.

Contact us today and let our experienced design team develop a space saving solution that will exceed your specific application requirements.

For more information details and technical specification, visit RFC FLEX-JUMPERS microsite.


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