SMP Series


SMP subminiature connectors are well-proven, offering a high level of flexibility in alignment tolerances and simplifying the whole production process.

Rosenberger SMP connectors are suitable for a wide range of board-to-board and cable-to-board applications up to 40 GHz. Such a broad frequency range allows from the lowest to the highest mechanical loads to be handled including those experienced in 5G mobile telecommunications, test & measurement and aerospace applications.

SMP, Longwipe-SMP and Mini-SMP coaxial connector series are available with different retention variants, main application fields are as PCB connectors and in board-to-board connections. Using adaptors, so-called bullets, equalization of radial and axial misalignments is possible, maintaining constant electrical characteristics. Bullets are available in different lengths to enable any board spacing e.g. from 7.94 mm (Mini-SMP).